I expected her to sit in front of me but she picked the seat just next to mine. Her eyes, when our discussion was on the verge of becoming something else, lost focus. They looked straight at me, but also beyond, shifting, physically, the rules of our exchange.

Mirene Arsanios for Gravity, Bones And Parents

redeem رديم – We Shall Survive, 2021


Workshop at KHF Berlin (Künstlerhof Frohnau)

Conceived by the Lebanese artist and musician Siska, redeem رديم is a platform for ongoing conversations between voices from Beirut in Berlin and peers around the world.

Redeem رديم acts upon a collaborative desire to amplify and deepen an already existing exchange between cultural workers who lived and worked in Lebanon before the country spiraled into its current economic and political void. Many of these conversations have already come a long way. redeem رديم aims to build a support structure through which they can be widely heard and inspired by each other. To that end, it supplies both runway and refuge for artistic positions via workshops, podcasts and a series of events. 

Walden: unanswered questions, 2021

concert reading

Walden: unanswered questions marks the beginning of an ongoing reflection on ideas and practices of retreat/into nature and their re-contextualization within contemporary practice- and community based formats.

Concerts and readings conceived and produced for KHF Berlin (Künstlerhof Frohnau)

A conversation through sounds and voices – with contributions by Ray Kaczynski with musicians André Bartetzki, Hendrik Krüger and writer Anja Tuckerman & Dalia Neis (FITH/Dali Muru & the Polyphonic Swarm) with Eleni Poulou (Nohe Noshe, The Fall, Bomb Sniffing Dogs) and Andreas Rheise (Kreidler) – Moderated by Antonia Alampi

Eyes Come Back!, 2021


Masked conversations and collaborations

#1 (Disruption) Lunch with Yalda Younes (dancer and choreographer): an exchange with feet, sounds and sharp objects
#2 (Resilience) An ornamental exchange with painter Ann-Kristin Hamm
#3 (I Scream, You Scream) – A lockdown collaboration with Saadi

Experimental Academy, Artissima Turin, 2019


A practice-based workshop directed for Experimental Academy at Artissima, Turin.

Looking at the characteristics of the Trickster – a mythological figure, appearing in varying personifications in tales from around the world – we explore how these apply to the needs, requirements and social ecologies of our constantly shifting contemporary contexts.

Invited lecturers:
Nida Ghouse, writer and curator (Berlin/Mumbai), Franziska Pierwoss, artist and researcher (Berlin) and Haytham El-Wardany, writer and translator (Berlin/Cairo)


Up above was fog, down below was a cloud of dust, 2019/20

exchange collabortions exhibition

A collaborative exchange launched and organized by Anadolu Kültür and Depo, Istanbul and curated by visual artists Golnar Tabibzadeh and Merve Ünsal.

Distort The End And Turn It Into Candy! (edition 2), 2018


Image-based archives and their im-/possible translation into new contexts, temporalities and personalized narratives.

An interdisciplinary, practice-based seminar with students of Media Art, Communication Design and Product Design at Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design (HfG)

Efface(...ment): Unwriting the Self, 2016


Writing workshop by Federica Bueti (...ment) in collaboration with Mirene Arsanios (Makhzin)

The workshop focused on the formation of the “I” in writing. To preserve the unity of the first person, writing relies on genres and conventions—fiction, poetry, and the essay all inhabit a particular and relatively well defined “I”.  Translation, on the other hand, unsettles the authorial “I”. It involves collaboration: the translator becomes author and the author translator.

For Excellence in Poetry, 2015

reading projections

A concerted evening with readings and projections at Archive Kabinett, Berlin

Whether with words or images, the work of Mirene Arsanios, Alex Cuff, Setareh Shahbazi and Sam Wilder engages translation as a means of introducing foreignness within the self, rather than translating otherness to others.

On The One Hand (One Love), 2013

collaboration performance reading

Performative reading & projections in collaboration with Mirene Arsanios, in the framework of Süden, Villa Romana in Berlin at Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle

Mirene Arsanios and Setareh Shahbazi continued a conversation that began on their neighboring balconies in Beirut. The thoughts ranged from practical questions to the unexpected and imaginary: What can be said about gravity, bones, parents and chinese dumplings?

Distort The End And Turn It Into Candy! (edition 1), 2013

workshop teaching exhibition

Practice-based workshop and exhibition with young artists at KAF, Tehran

Using the self-portrait in its wide-ranging meaning as a tool for communication, we worked on the tricky relationship between socio-political responsibilty and the personal, emotional and aestetic process that creative production requires.

Spectral Days, 2013

book launch reading

Book launch with a reading by Mirene Arsanios, Ashkal Alwan Academy, Beirut

I am glad that things have changed. All efforts toward ridding oneself of the historical past and acquiring new family members have been rewarded. This new sequencing of verb tenses was the material expression of her private epiphanies. Now photographs were just photographs: a piece of paper that could be pleated replaced and slipped into a pocket.

Mirene Arsanios for Spectral Days